Sunday, 14 October 2012

Everybody has a book in them...

Some more than one! I have plenty, but not the time, inclination, confidence & a million other excuses for doing one... But one day, maybe one day, I WILL achieve my dram of writing one, albeit with lots of photos & published electronically, on a blog! Like this one... I love London, & the Thames is it's heartbeat. My dream is to one day have enough energy to pen my own experience of walking along it's banks. I hope, one day in the not too distant future, this blog will be part of it. The 'secret' is not to get overwhelmed by the project, & just put a little work into it, slowly, slowly... Today I walked half a mile along the river & crossed it at Woolwich. No distance at all, but I put my trusty 'digital box brownie' to good use, & hope to have a 'first draft' of this small section by the end of the year..the current one! If I can achieve that then I can plan ahead for the next few miles. Perhaps set myself a target...maybe reaching Tower Bridge by the end of 2013, or something like that. Who knows? Anyway, that's enough from me, for now, just in case you've found this by accident!

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